Saturday, 11 January 2014

Air Terjun Niagara dikatakan membeku disebabkan fenomena

It's probably one of the most amazing wonders of mother nature. Because of the severe cold weather, huge ice formations are starting to take shape along Niagara Falls—the American side—and the result is an incredible landscape of bubbling, whirling ice.

Earlier this week, a picture of the frozen falls popped up online, but it turned out to be from 2011. Meanwhile, Niagara Falls native Caitlin Dewey took to the internet to set everyone straight, saying, "No, Niagara Falls is not 'frozen solid.'" And she's right—but there is an incredible amount of ice forming along its banks, and it's completely beautiful.

So, what are we seeing here? Well, the falls themselves aren't frozen. Rather, the water along the banks has frozen, reaching out into the falls to cover much of the water. According to one Niagara Falls tourism site, sometimes it gets so cold that the other side will also freeze, creating an "ice bridge:"


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