Friday, 8 January 2016

Apa perbezaan antara penjualan TANAH yang dilakukan oleh 1MDB & DAP..!!

Fairnsquare: The DAP state government sold 6.8 acres of land in Penang for RM11.3 billion whereas Umno sold 486 acres of land in Kuala Lumpur for RM7.41 billion.
You decide which is the better deal. Let us take the racial issue out and look at both deals pragmatically. 

Indeed, MyKMU makes the Umno government look foolish.

Grey Matter: I think what Umno supporters don't understand is that selling 20 acres to a company to build a manufacturing facility which employ thousands of Malaysians is different from selling a strategic asset in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.

What we are really upset about is that 1MDB got land cheap from the government and flipped it to pay for some unaccounted debt.

GE14Now!: There is a huge difference between selling a piece of land at or above market price and having a fire sale to offload land cheaply so that the money can be rolled over to cover for another debt.

But that probably is lost on you for you need a six-month rental-free period to do business, don't you?

Anticonmen: 1MDB got undervalued land very cheaply from the rakyat and sold it to China. DAP had to reclaim land from the sea because of necessity and sold it to foreigners to be developed. There is a big difference between the two.

Pro Bono: This matter, together with other actions by China such as building an airstrip on an artificial island in the Spratlys, shows that Beijing harbours expansionist policies.
If Malaysia acts against Chinese Malaysians, or declares Bandar Malaysia as a security area under the National Security Council Act, what stops China from using its land in Bandar Malaysia to encroach into Malaysia on the pretext of protecting its interests and even be an aggressor?
Umno leaders should not forget the Petaling Street incident where China's ambassador intervened on flimsy grounds. The Umno leaders, in their haste to fix the 1MDB mess, have compromised the country’s national security.

Moose: DAP's Penang does not go around demonising, instigating and indoctrinating the Malays to hate the Chinese. Only Umno, together with their outsourced goons and NGOs, does that and much more.
They then invite the Chinese from China to partake in the sale of the nation's assets. It's this glaring hypocrisy that MyKMU pretends not to notice ‘ataupun sengaja buat tak faham’ (or purposely don’t understand). It's all about hypocrisy, stupid.
Speak for All: The pro-Umno portal MyKMU should know the difference between investment and bailout.
Hang Babeuf: If anybody complains about Two-Job Ahmad Maslan's stupid jokes, then administrative disciplinary action is pathetically inadequate.
At the very least a treason/hasutan charge should be brought against them. Making fun of a minister's defective sense of humour? Appalling! Even a treason charge is too kind. Why not just hang, draw and quarter?
Ministerial reputations are too valuable and sacred to be trifled with, even in good humour. Or, is it not time, as this person suggested, for everybody - from the very top down - to just "come to their senses"?
A happy and sane new year to everybody, to all Malaysiakinireaders.
Anonymous #44199885: Who can blame the civil servant? Frustration at scandals going unanswered, racial and religious bigotry and extremism rearing its ugly head without reproach and frustration at the cost of living that is getting higher and higher is adding financial pressure on the working and middle classes who are finding it difficult to meet their commitments.
Our oil revenue intended to cushion the impact of difficult economic headwinds is simply not there.
And when this is compared to the economic situation in Singapore, a nation with no natural resources, but still financially strong, it only adds to the anger, despondency and hopelessness that people feel, which is further aggravated by inept and insensitive ministers.
Anonymous 2388181451879878: All civil servants are to follow disciplinary rules set by government as their employer, where they are not allowed to give public statement concerning their work or to criticise the government.
Anyone who commits such offences will be punished.
Anonymous Hotplate: Asking someone to “sedar diri” is actually a very good advice.
Why punish the Community Development Department (Kemas) officer who merely wants PM and his wife to come to their senses? If they are good human beings, they should thank the Kemas officer for advising them.
Mojo Jojo: When will the government have the audacity to admit its failings, and not constantly say that its words are "twisted" or "misinterpreted" by the masses?
In any case, no one can embarrass the government for its follies, but the government itself.
The Kemas employee issued a show-cause letter is but one malcontent individual. I bet there are many more like her working in the civil service with similar sentiments as well.
Appum: Is the 'Chosen One' now beyond reproach?


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